How to fix iMessage on your Hackintosh

Since I installed OS X on my Hackintosh, I’ve been facing this one problem with both iMessage and FaceTime: they’re both not working. Instead, I’m being greeted with a window saying the following:

Your Apple ID “” can’t be used to set up iMessage at this time.

If this is a new Apple ID, you do not need to create another one. To use this Apple ID with iMessage, contact iMessage support with the code below.

Customer Code: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

So I’ve decided to write a post explaining how I fixed that. So let’s begin, shall we?

First, you’re gonna need a real serial number. Not a fake one. I found a post explaining just how to do that. For more information just visit this link. When done, reboot your computer.

If you get iMessage to work after rebooting, then congratulations! You got iMessage working! If not, read on.

Second, you’re gonna need to call Apple support. You can call them on the number corresponding to your country. You can also use Skype or magicJack to call them on their US customer support number. In my case, the answering machine picked up the phone. It asked me to provide it with the device’s model and serial number. Ignore it and it should redirect you to the director of the call center. They’ll ask you to describe the issue. Tell them the following:

I’m calling because I’m having problems with activating iMessage on my [insert Mac model]. It’s asking me to call Apple support and provide them with some customer code.

They will probably ask you to provide them with your name, a callback number (if you’re calling from outside the US you don’t have to, just tell them), the serial number and your Apple ID.

Once you’re done, all you have to do is quit out of iMessage/FaceTime and open it again. You should be able to login and use it normally.


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