#SophomoreLife: Part 2

A few months ago, if you guys remember or care, I wrote a small blogpost on how I was suffering through the beginning of my sophomore year. I said that it’s gonna be tiring, that new classes will be a struggle and that there will be too many accents. Read it here.

None of that turned out to be true.

First of all, I barely studied. Seriously, I passed most of my classes easily without having to spend a whole night revising exercises or solving exams from previous years. The material being taught was too easy and the exams were pretty straightforward. Well, our maths exam wasn’t so straightforward but I managed to solve it with ease. It’s maths.

As for my grades, they were getting higher every semester without any effort on my part. I was getting used to the material and the somehow “new” education style which got me an average of 17.47. In addition to that, being very active in class and having some basic culture will get the teachers to like you. When the teachers like you, your grades will get higher, not because they’ll give you extra points, but because you’ll be motivated to do better.

Now about those new classes, sociology and economy, they’re easier than what most people say. Once you understand the concept of the lesson and what it talks about, you’ll be able to break free from the book’s phrasing. You will start explaining everything in your own way. You’ll easily ace your exams, given that you have good French, of course.

Spanish is, uh well, close to French. If you understand French grammar, you’ll be easily able to understand Spanish given that you pay attention in class. Sleeping through Spanish was probably why my grades were getting lower. But I got 9/10 on my Spanish final test. Yay! Now I’ll never learn this language again. Unless idiot-me decides to take it in the US.

Plus, there was no school newspaper and I couldn’t care less that the current sophomores are the most hated.

TL;DR: My sophomore year went better than expected. If this is your first high school year, don’t be nervous, it’ll all be super fine.

*With the exception of the accents.