A Quick Change of Views

The readers of this blog (if they exist in the first place) deserve an update on my constantly changing ideas. If you have read my previous posts, you would have noticed that I am a Marxist. While I do not deny that I was a true believer in that school of thought, I have to admit that I was wrong. Perhaps wrong is not the correct word to describe what I think. Let me explain.

The more one person reads, the more he tends to lean in a certain direction on the political spectrum. Since most modern and intellectual authors and personalities being leftist, it is normal and natural for the reader to also lean to the left.

That was the case for me. It started with me becoming a moderate leftist and being slowly radicalized till I became a full on anarcho-communist at one point, however edgy that might sound. Things have changed and the tables have turned. I have become a Classical Liberal. No, the change did not happen overnight and no, I did not became rich or join the 1%. It took months and sleepless nights of reading and researching for this change of views to happen. Also, I’m still middle class, at least for the time being.

I still hate Donald Trump.

Don’t tread on me.

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