Author: Moe Safadieh

The “Hoco” Experiment

As an exchange student, I wanted to make the most out of this year. I wanted to participate in everything that simply is not available at home. Of course, I forced myself (with the aid of my friends) to go to homecoming. Now keep in mind I had no idea what homecoming was about. Sure,…

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About a week ago, I start school. This was my first high school year (in the Lebanese educational system, 10th grade is the first class of high school) and I was hella nervous. Just like any “first of something” year, people tend to scare you with all their notions on how hard this year is…

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Hackintosh: Is it worth it?

Hello everybody, this is my first post on this blog. And just saying, it’s not gonna be updated frequently. It’s not a daily blog. What does the term “Hackintosh” mean? Hackintosh is simply the combination of the word “hack” and “mackintosh” which is what Apple called their computers before going with “Mac”. Well that’s how…

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