I’m not a fan of biographies, I think they leave too many details out of someone’s personality. However, at the same time, a long biography is one that won’t be read completely and clearly unless someone is really into you. In that case, he wouldn’t need a biography since he can professionally stalk you.

Anyway, I am Mohamad and I am exchange student. I go by Moe because it’s more modern and easier to pronounce. I am a Lebanese Levantine from Saida who was placed in Laveen, Arizona. I like philosophy, science, bit of arts, and humanities in general. I tend to get into a lot of debates, I guess it’s because I love to show off my understanding of things sometimes and express my opinions loud and clear for everyone to understand. I am also a big fan of dark humor, no matter how offensive and politically incorrect it could get. The more you laugh, the more you get over social and personal issues.

I tend to use the both “guilty until proven innocent” and “innocent until proven guilty” on people randomly. It’s just the first impression you make on me by simply the way you’re looking at me or something else that tells me which principle to use. I might be very mean and sarcastic to you but that means I’m either very comfortable with you, or I want to be so or that I simply abhor you to the idea of killing you.

Hope you have a better idea of me now.