4.1 miles

It’s only 4.1 miles from Lesbos to Turkey. A short distance. People run 4.1 miles as a warm up. But over 226 refugees have died so far in 2017 trying to cross the Mediterranean.

Living through the hardships of our daily lives, we tend to forgot the struggles of those continually trying to escape war zones. Many make it but others never live long enough to see the lighthouse. A sick and wicked game of Darwinian selection. This is an article written by Zoë Zahariadis, an American-Greek high school senior that started Students For Solidarity aiming to raise awareness of the Syrian refugee struggle. It perfectly captures the state of our world and the frustration that activists keep facing on a daily basis. Do give it a read along other articles posted on her blog.

4.1 miles on Students For Solidarity.