About a week ago, I start school. This was my first high school year (in the Lebanese educational system, 10th grade is the first class of high school) and I was hella nervous.

Just like any “first of something” year, people tend to scare you with all their notions on how hard this year is going to be. It happened in 9th grade. It happened in 7th grade. It will happen in my senior year. And it will happen during college. Usually, these “notions” turn out to be wrong and exaggerated. That was not the case, it was true.

It was only the first week, and BAM an exam. We also have three new subjects to learn, yay? First, we have to learn Spanish for the first time in this school’s history. That adds up to the other three mandatory languages. So now, we are forced to learn Arabic, French, English and Spanish. ¡Hola! Me llamo Moe. Y tú. Cómo te llamas? (TOO MANY ACCENTS AHHHHHH).

If that’s not enough, we have to learn Sociology and Economy. In French. And it’s over 20 or 40 (I don’t remember to be honest). I have one question to ask: WHY?

I’m also responsible for the school’s newspaper. Now I’d rant about it but I’d rather leave it for another time/never.

Oh wait, did I tell you that the current sophomore students are by far the most hated students in the history of this god-knows-how-it’s-still-in-business school?

I’ll get used to it. Trust me, I know I will.

(I forgot what I was supposed to write… To be continued?)